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Fic: Balcony Five [07 Jan 2012|11:24am]

Title: Balcony Five
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: Ronon, Teyla
Prompts: treasure at ancientctybingo - written for mfirefly10 at the sgoc 2011 gift giving.
Notes:While this is the first story in a planned series, it can be read as a stand-alone. The series will be Ronon/Teyla but this story is more friendship than pairing.

Summary: This story is set post-Enemy at the Gate. The Wraith have come to Earth, bringing their own brand of terror to the Milky Way. Atlantis has been packed with people and sent back to the Pegasus galaxy. Everyone has lost someone or something but Ronon isn't dealing well with his new losses.

The Story is here at AO3
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multi-fandom banner/header post [26 Jun 2011|07:25am]

banner/header (+ background images):

- 03 Alias: 3 Sydney Bristow
- 05 Blood Ties: 4 Henry, 1 Vicki/Henry
- 03 BSG: 1 Kara/Lee, 1 Sharon/Helo, 1 Grace Park
- 02 BtvS: 1 Buffy/Faith, 1 Eliza/SMG
- 01 Charmed: 1 Phoebe/Piper/Paige
- 03 Doctor Who: 1 Rose, 1 Billie Piper, 1 River/Ten
- 02 NCIS: 2 Abby
- 22 Stargateverse: 1 Elizabeth/Jack, 3 Elizabeth/John, 1 Jennifer/Cam, 2 Jennifer/John, 1 Jennifer/Rodney, 2 Jennifer/Ronon, 2 Sam/Cam, 1 Sam/Jack, 2 Sam/John, 1 Teyla/Ronon, 1 Cadman, 1 Vala/Daniel, 4 Vala
- 02 Supernatural: 1 Sam, 1 Dean/Castiel
- 02 True Blood: 1 Sookie/Alcide, 1 Eric
- 02 Vampire Diaries: 1 Elena/Damon, 1 Elena/Damon/Stefan
- 38 Crossovers: 2 Blood Ties/BtvS/Angel, 1 Blood Ties/Veronica Mars, 1 Bones/BtvS, 1 BtvS/Charmed, 1 BtvS/Harry Potter, 1 BtvS/Human Target, 1 BtvS/Primeval, 2 Angel/SGA, 1 BtvS/True Blood, 1 Charmed/Dresden Files, 1 Charmed/Harry Potter, Charmed/Hawaii 5-0, 1 Charmed/LotR, 1 Charmed/SGA, 2 Charmed/SPN, 1 Chuck/SPN, 1 Doctor Who/Twilight, 1 Firefly/SGA, 1 Fringe/SPN, 1 Haven/SPN, 1 JAG/SGA, 2 Leverage/SGA, 1 Lost Girl/Stargate, 1 NCIS/Stargate, 1 Roswell/Smallville, 1 Sanctuary/Stargate, 1 Smallville/SPN, 1 SPN/True Blood, 1 the Listener/True Blood, 6 multiple

(see them all here @ my journal).

Warning: image heavy!

If you can't see my lj for some reason, you can check out my homepage, which has all of my fanart as well. ;-)

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Fic: Nothing New [22 Mar 2011|11:24pm]

TITLE: Nothing New
AUTHOR: lar_laughs
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
CHARACTERS: Ronon/Teyla ... Ka'naan
PROMPT: dark/light challenge at scifiland and 01. If you were a cowboy I would trail you for the If I Were challenge at 5_prompts

SUMMARY: Set after Search and Rescue (Season 5, Episode 1) and AU from there. Teyla is coming to terms with the last year of her life, struggling to put all the pieces back together again. The problem is that she's forcing the puzzle together the way she thinks it should be and not the way that it truly fits together. She's got the light and dark all mixed up.

WARNINGS: None that I can see
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Aster for looking this over and assuring me that my verbs are all correct. I don't know what inspired me to write it in 3rd person present when it's not natural for me at all. It was how the first couple of sentences came out and I thought I would run with it! This is a pairing that Aster especially likes and I've spent the last year reconciling it in my mind. This is the beginning of what I believe is a beautiful love and where I really think the two of them can shine together. I hope you can share the vision with me!

...you'll be the only light I see...
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Fic: Cupcakes [13 Feb 2011|11:44pm]

TITLE: Cupcakes
AUTHOR: lar_laughs
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
PAIRINGS: John/Rodney (implied), Ronon/Teyla
PROMPT: Table 30 - 01. he's not coming back at 5_prompts & Love, Actually challenge at scifiland
SUMMARY: Valentine's Day come to Atlantis.

...it's nice to be reminded that we're important to someone else other than our mother...
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Wallpapers [27 Mar 2010|08:31pm]


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Have Yourself A Very Spanky Christmas [23 Nov 2009|11:51pm]

"Have Yourself A Very Spanky Christmas" (HYAVSC) is a twelve-day Spanky-fic event. The goal is to have at least one fic every day from December 14-December 25. There will be a list of twelve "set" prompts, one for each day from the 14th-25th; and a list of secondary prompts, which you can add to any of the fics that you write. For example, Dec. 14th's prompt is "angel". Any fic posted on that day must have to do with that word. But you can use any of the prompts from the secondary list to supplement that. Be sure to mention both the fixed prompt and any of the secondary prompts that you use in your post somewhere. You can post on your journal if you want, but please post a link in the community so that we can read it too! :D

That's about it, other than have fun with it! And feel free to discuss the pairing/your fics throughout the month! :D (and whenever you need a good dose of Christmas/Spanky!)

You can message me to let me know if you're interested or have questions, or you can join the community. I do review all requests before I let you be a member, but as long as you're a Spanky fan, I'll probably let you ;). Come check it out! :D

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[15 Jul 2009|08:37pm]

I love this couple so much.

Here is a shipper thread for anyone who wants to join. :D I run it myself.

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Hi. New to icons, did some Teyla [25 Feb 2009|07:56am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey there!  So... I've just started my own LiveJournal account because I made my first batch of icons, which I'm way too proud of.  Anyway, I kind of wanted to post, and I hope nobody minds- I've linked it.


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headers [07 Feb 2009|03:12pm]

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ronon picspam [18 Jan 2009|12:59am]

I hope that this is allowed since it's primarily Ronon, but there is some Teyla/Ronon mixed in, :) if it's not feel free to delete or I can.

ronon dex; satedan, runner, and lettuce slayer
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Headers [07 Nov 2008|06:17pm]


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All Headers [27 Sep 2008|09:48am]

I have here posted all my headers due to my bandwidth exceeding on my photobucket account. SO this is to let you know you can still find them all.

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Fic -- Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Pt. 1 [25 Sep 2008|08:21pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Hello, everyone!

This is my first post here, though I've been lurking here for a very long time.  I am in the midst of writing a 5-part 5-moments 5-couples fic, and the very first part is for my OTP -- Ronon/Teyla!  ^_^  I decided to post a link here.

Read more...Collapse )

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[21 Sep 2008|11:13am]


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Untitled ficlet [19 Sep 2008|08:45am]

Untitled ficlet
Pairing: Ronon/Teyla
Author: zillah_fic
Word count: 457
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes she thinks of cutting it short....
A/N: Written for lunabee34's Women and their hair comment ficathon.

Sometimes she thinks of cutting it short.
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Headers [25 Jul 2008|03:22pm]


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[12 Jul 2008|07:03pm]

Spice Girls
Ab Fab
SGA Wallpaper

click here to see the rest
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4 Headers [06 Jul 2008|07:35pm]


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[25 Jun 2008|07:35pm]

[ mood | sick ]

COMIC [Jubilee, Jono and Skin]
Firefly [Object in Space: Kayle/Simon, Kaylee, Wash/Zoe, Wash, Inara, Mal, River]
Doctor Who [Turn Left; Ronna, Rose, and Donna and Billie Piper] Spoilers to 4x11
SGA [Trinity: Teyla, Teyla/Ronon,Ronon, John, and Rodney]
Multi-Fandom Fanmix [SGA and COMIC]
Two music videos [Rose/Donna vid and Anglocke vid]

Click here to see the rest of the icons here, if you don't want to be spoiled for DW, don't look

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